Limited Edition 20 Year Anniversary LP + Premium Canvas Bag preorder

On June 29, 2019 GC Records will be holding an all day festival featuring bands connected with the label.

The show will be recorded and the best tracks will see the light of day in 180 gram LP format.

If you preorder online you will get the limited edition vinyl and premium canvas bag when the vinyl is finally released.

If you show up to the party on June 29, you will immediately get your canvas bag and a chance to fill it with anything still in print from our 20 year catalog. Literally anything you want that will fit in your bag.

Shahab Zargari
The Complete Oral History of Holding Onto Sound comes out June 6

This new ebook is the complete history of Las Vegas punk/ska band Holding Onto Sound, told through interviews with the band and their friends and colleagues.

For ten years, Las Vegas punk band combined ska, reggae, punk and hardcore, creating their own unique sound. Through their association with local collective Macro-Fi and label GC Records, the four members found critical and local success. This included touring with Cobra Skulls, playing multiple festivals (including Punk Rock Bowling) and being hand-picked to open for NOFX, the latter of which occurring more than once. Unfortunately, drug addiction simmering in the background would be the band’s undoing.

This oral history takes readers behind the scenes for the band’s formation following the dissolution of guitarists Bennett Mains and Bob Gates high school band, how bassist Zabi Naqshband and drummer Vanessa Tidwell joined the group, how Holding Onto Sound name was chosen, what life was like on the road, the heartbreaking story of how the band came to a close, what got them to reunite, what projects the members are working on now and more.

The interviews that make up this book were conducted by Punks in Vegas founder Steven Matview and as part of the music website's “Vegas Archive” feature, a project where they re-release music from local bands that are gone, but certainly not forgotten.

The accompanying song collection will be available on Spotify on June 6.

Shahab Zargari
Taking The Lead Media Showcases GC for Podcast

Need some tunes to help you get through the day? Try the brand new Taking the Lead Media podcast (linked below) featuring:

1. Gasoline Kills - Memo 1 (Give Up Chorus): 3:04

2. The Dirty Little Betty's - Lounge Singer (Backyard Carnival): 18:19

3. Kill the Scientist - Computer (malfunction?) (Fall of Mankind): 10:52

4. Illicitor - Daft Punky Brewster (Illicitor): 13:26

5. Lawn Mower Death Riders - Time Machine (GC047): 15:53

6. Jesse Pino and the Vital Signs - Hearts Collide: 19:39

7. Enemy of the Sun - Darker Days (Darker Days): 25:44

As well as a whole lot of insight into the upcoming 20 Year Anniversary Party!


Shahab Zargari
Free-to-Download Lipstick Pickups Collection drops on May 29

We are excited to announce a free to stream/download present to help you celebrate 20 Years with us! The Lipstick Pickups collection will be available on May 29 on Bandcamp!! 🎸

Anaheim's garage/pop band the Lipstick Pickups were a force to be reckoned with in the early 2000s. Energetic live shows, super sweet tunes, and razor blade sharp lyrics set them apart from the slew of other bands attempting the same sounds. 

Included here for the first time in digital format is a collection of hard-to-find and out-of-print songs from their previously released records:

-Let's Get Rid of LA comp on Revenge Records (Track 1)

-s/t single sided Radio Beat Records 12" (Tracks 2-8)

-Better than You Kapow Records 7" (Tracks 9-10)

-This Just In comp on GC (Track 11)

-You Call This Music volume 2 comp on GC (Track 12)

-split 7" with Bikini Bumps on GC/Erectords (Tracks 13-16)

-first demo with silk screened envelope (Tracks 17-24)

-Six Steps to a Better You comp on GC (Track 25) 

Shahab Zargari
The Rifleman EP release date and official music video!

The Rifleman EP will be released digitally on April 16!

The Rifleman brings a mellow blend of folk-punk, Americana & Bluegrass with their first EP "Don't Laugh, This is Serious!" 6 tracks of super poignant subject matter spanning violent crime, corruption, psychedelics and fashion-punk. Stop it! Why are you smiling? Don't Laugh, this is serious!

Watch the brand new video for That’s Not Me

You can stream the track Break Your Face now too!:

Shahab Zargari
Announcement Lineup Poster for the 20 Year Anniversary Party

For your viewing pleasure, the June 29, 2019 lineup for the 20 Year Anniversary Party!

Join us as we celebrate staying in business longer than most people stay at one job! 

The fun will start with the all ages portion at Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas!, and then we move into the 21+ portion right next door at the TheDive Bar (Exact set times to be announced closer to the party). 

We're humbled and excited to party with these fine folks!

Toys That Kill (CA)
The Dirty Little Betty's (OK)
Gasoline Kills (CA)
Rush&Attack (CA)
Bogtrotters Union (NV)
Jesse Pino & The Vital Signs (NV)
Illicitor (NV)
Lawn Mower Death Riders (NV)
The Rifleman LV (NV)
Kill the Scientist (Classified)

Click here for more info!

If you plan on traveling to the show and need a place to stay close to the venue Ellis Island Casino, Hotel & Brewery is just down the street and are offering some

dope perks when you book your room using THIS LINK:

Get 10% off all food in their diner-style Cafe AND the BBQ restaurant as well as a free growler of beer upon check in!


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