The Complete Oral History of Holding Onto Sound comes out June 6

This new ebook is the complete history of Las Vegas punk/ska band Holding Onto Sound, told through interviews with the band and their friends and colleagues.

For ten years, Las Vegas punk band combined ska, reggae, punk and hardcore, creating their own unique sound. Through their association with local collective Macro-Fi and label GC Records, the four members found critical and local success. This included touring with Cobra Skulls, playing multiple festivals (including Punk Rock Bowling) and being hand-picked to open for NOFX, the latter of which occurring more than once. Unfortunately, drug addiction simmering in the background would be the band’s undoing.

This oral history takes readers behind the scenes for the band’s formation following the dissolution of guitarists Bennett Mains and Bob Gates high school band, how bassist Zabi Naqshband and drummer Vanessa Tidwell joined the group, how Holding Onto Sound name was chosen, what life was like on the road, the heartbreaking story of how the band came to a close, what got them to reunite, what projects the members are working on now and more.

The interviews that make up this book were conducted by Punks in Vegas founder Steven Matview and as part of the music website's “Vegas Archive” feature, a project where they re-release music from local bands that are gone, but certainly not forgotten.

The accompanying song collection will be available on Spotify on June 6.

Shahab Zargari