(Vlad And) The Impalers - This Blood's For You

(Vlad And) The Impalers - This Blood's For You

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For all the fans of ESL's pop-ridden hardcore punk, the passion and angst are still there, but the tunes are fresh and exciting. For fans of Randy, Common Rider, Grimple and Zeke! 
Released January 2007


1 Army Now 
2 Vlad 
3 Assrot 
4 The Vampire 
5 Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Cigarette Butts 
6 Bad Medicine 
7 Rest in Peace 
8 A-Bomb 
9 A Girl I Know 
10 The List 
11 My Song 
12 Autumn and Octane 
13 The Impaler


This Blood's For You – You know those bands you hear about, but have never heard, that’s Vlad and The Impalers for me. I honestly had no idea at all what to expect. “This Blood’s For You” is the kind of album that you listen to and wonder why you haven’t heard them before. The production is perfect, the vocals don’t drown out the instrumentals or vice versa. In a sea of imitators and clone bands, Vlad and the Impalers actually have an original sound both in their song writing and the production of the album. This Blood’s For You is 34.1 minutes of punk rock fury that leaves you trying to find your breath just listening to it. 

First of all, a band with a name like this deserves some serious metal merit. (Vlad And) The Impalers blast sweltering skate rock for vulcanized vampires and their brood. For being a traditional three-piece band, The Impalers have a pretty heavy sound that seems dialed-in thanks to some adroit mastering work. If you’ve ever painted your nails black (particularly if you’re a dude), you’ll appreciate this album. On the other hand, if you’re a whimp, you’ll want to pass over the wrath of Vlad. My favorite tracks? “Assrot” and the hyperspeed “Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Cigarette Butts” is sure to leave your head rattling. As expected from such an album, there is also a killer hidden track. 
(Kelly D. Williams) Mannerist Online Zine

I especially like when these guys go the full-on hardcore route (c.f. “Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Cigarette Butts”), but the bulk of the other tracks, which are infused with more than a little pop, are not painful in the least, and their penchant for stopping in the middle of what they’re doing and going in a different direction keeps a kid on his toes. Features former members of ESL and is limited to 1,000 copies, if that means anything to anyone. 
(Jimmy Alvarado) Razorcake #38 June/July 2007

Wow, I really like this record a lot... [It's] straightforward punk rock with a kind of ‘80’s feel. It’s chaotic and melodic and really grabbed me from the first track and hooked on all the way ‘til the end and that’s remarkable...The album flows really well and is varied enough to keep things fresh throughout and I’m really into this. 
No Front Teeth Webzine

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