Various Artists - Your Machinery Is Too Much for Me!! 7"

Various Artists - Your Machinery Is Too Much for Me!! 7"


GC sampler of Southern California bands that started a sound of their own... Featuring Intro5pect, ESL?!, no erasers allowed, and Kill the Scientist. Comes on pretty clear blue vinyl. 
Released March 2001


1 America, Check Your Headsets, Please... 
2 Intro5pect - See The End (7" version) 
3 No Erasers Allowed - Hitler in The Toy Store (instrumental) 
4 Kill The Scientist - Psycholotron (live) 
5 We Are the Majority... 
6 ESL - Song for Social Change 
7 Kill the Scientist - Idiot *Bonus Track 
8 ESL - Nothing Else to Lose *Bonus Track 
9 Don't Want No Coke Up My Nose!


First off, I fucking love 7" compilations and I don’t see enough of them there days. Secondly, I love cover art like this, sketchy, scratchy and awkward and thirdly, this rocks. Four bands: INTROSPECT, KILL THE SCIENTIST, ESL and NO ERASERS ALLOWED and it’s all fucking great. This is definitely a reminder of better days....days when punk rock used to make me feel special. It reminds me slightly of the MRR comps and even Lookout! comps...when all that shit was magical. 

Intro5pect has a track on here, so I was already into it. They play a different version of a song off their A-F Records album that features their rapid drum machine beats with punk rock music. It's great. The other bands are No Erasers Allowed, Kill The Scientists and ESL. I really liked ESL's pop-punk tracks and found myself wanting to hear more of them. 
(CM) IMPACT PRESS, October/November 2003

Anarcho-hardcore concept release featuring Introspect, Kill the Scientist, ESL and no Erasers Allowed. The sound collage opening of Introspect's "See the End" is better than any of the songs, which turn out to be standard mid-tempo riff-rock. The theme is: corprate greed and technology feeds the machinery of destruction and vice versa, which in turn east away at our souls, destroying us as humans. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Baudrillard's already been there; thumbs up for trying. Keep on keepin' on. 
(Anthony) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #10, September 2001

Geykido Comet put out some pretty interesting comps. This one has four bands on it. The first one, Intro5pect, play political, ska tinged hardcore. It's better then you'd think. The second band is No Erasers Allowed. They play a noisy instrumental song. It's better than you'd think. The third is Kill The Scientist. They're even noisier, somewhat digital, and they do a lot of screaming. It's not better than you'd think, but I can sit through it to get to the next song. The fourth band is ESL. They play sloppy pop punk that reminds me of some of the stuff off the Adolescents blue album sometimes. I like it. Like the GC comp I reviewed in the last issue of Razorcake, this one comes with a pretty interesting interesting piece written by Jeff from Geykido Comet, explaining his politics of punk record pressing. 
(Sean) RAZORCAKE, Issue #3, August/September 2001

A mix bag on this 4 band 7". Intro5pect plays straight up melodic punk. No Erasers Allowed do the forgettable punk thing. Kill the Scientist definitely have more than one later-era Vinyl Communication release in their collection. Finally ESL play some kick ass punk reminiscent of some bay area stuff from the early 90's, complete with great lyrics. Worth the cash for the ESL songs. 
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Issue #17, June 2001

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