Various Artists - You Call This Music?! - Volume 2

Various Artists - You Call This Music?! - Volume 2


This is the second installation of GC Records' infamous YOU CALL THIS MUSIC?! punk compilation. Only a few dollars for over 30 tracks from bands with their own definition of punk! Features artwork by NY artist, FLY. 
Released September 2002


1 Intro 
2 East Arcadia -Focus 
3 Toys That Kill -Little Bit Stranger 
4 The Grand Prixx -Ballad Of Sara And Anna 
5 Jag Offs -Porchcore 
6 Happy Campers -Reminisce 
7 Nazis from Mars -Animal Farm 2084 
8 Intro5pect -Sustainable Yield 
9 ESL?! -Tycho Brahe 
10 Kill the Scientist -I Saw.... 
11 Backside -Dear God From Me 
12 As I -Revolution Calls 
13 Diabolical Exploits -Lies 
14 Operation Cliff Clavin -A Bomb and A Plan 
15 Spazz -Typical Hardcore Song #1 
16 Pillbox Terror -Christine 
17 Chris Dodge/Dave Witte -Whiffletree 
18 The Voids -Capitalist 
19 Jack Killed Jill -Everyday 
20 Zero Content -An Archist 
21 Peelander Z -Rocket Gold Star 
22 Libertine -Moscow 
23 Pornshot -Mad Song 
24 Lucid Nation -Commercial 
25 Friday Knights -Again 
26 Lipstick Pickups -Can't Resist That Boy 
27 The Devil is Electric -The New World 
28 Bikini Bumps -The Cigarette Butt Fiasco 
29 Four Letter Words -Slums of Shaolin 
30 Fracas -Kill Me 
31 UNX -Where Cracks Appear 
32 Broken Society -Jock Pit 
33 3x Fast -Nothing to Do But Laugh 
34 Armistice -Chain of Command 
35 Subincision -Punk Chick 
36 Microsurgeon -Bug Report 
37 Outro


East Arcadia has an unreleased track on here which is much better than the band’s current album. The Bad Religion copycat song structure is still there, but harder guitars and a madder approach make for a more entertaining ride. Toys that Kill continues to grow in powerful ways with “Little Bit Stranger.” These guys have only gotten stronger and catchier since the name change from FYP. Nazis From Mars is goofy electro-punk fun. “Animal Farm 2084: is the kind of song the Toys Dolls used to do so well – but of course, the Nazis put their own wacky spin on it. Kill the Scientist’s “I saw a pair of anarchy shades for sale at the mall next to a picture of Bush smiling” makes the Nazis track seem like the Carpenters. This disc is a real deal for lovers of weird, creative shit, and a lot of it is previously unreleased. 
(Mark) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #15, April 2003

More than 35 bands with punk rock, goofy, metal songs. Hell, it’s all here! 
(BC), PUNK PLANET, Issue #54, March/April 2003

Thirty-five of your favorite bands make a ruckus. Features Operation Cliff Clavin, ESL, Pornshot, Toys That Kill, Four Letter Words, Nazis from Mars and oodles of others. Personally, the highlight of the whole disc was the outro. 
(Jimmy Alvarado) RAZORCAKE, online, March 2003

Hefty size comp with thirty five bands and thirty five tracks. Many of the tracks are unreleased, which is a good thing. Highlights for me were tracks provided by Toys That Kill (former F.Y.P makes the latter band an afterthought), Jag Offs (fast and furious, female-led screaming punk), Nazis From Mars (sounds like Netherlands version of early Shonen Knife) Intro5pect (punk with a drum machine!), Kill The Scientist (reminded me of early Butthole Surfers with the sampling and rage), Spazz (power-violence kings!), Chris Dodge/Dave Witte (crazy power-violence mixed with jazz-noise breaks and additional noise), The Voids (authentic sounding, old school punk flavor), Pornshot (bubble gum silliness), Lipstick Pickups (trashy, sloppy garage punk fun) and Four Letter Words (ten seconds of actual music in a twenty three second track). A few downers for me on this comp were the underwater sounding track by AS I, the Backside track for the use of the word God and the track by ESL where the singer sounds like he’s straining so hard, not hitting the notes, not breathing. A good comp of bands from different genres which is not painful listening through from start to finish. Kind of like having a jukebox in the back of the bar mixing it up with what people want to hear. 
(Donofthedead) Razorcake, Issue #13, March 2003

Finally a disc that offers up some seething straight up punk with blood on its boots, piss in its gut and hate in its veins. This has a nice helping of bands with snotty female vocals, something I'm rather fond of myself. For whatever it's worth, my favorites are the Jag Offs, Backside, Pillbox Terror and the Voids. A little bit of something for everyone, including a handful of duds, but all with a nice chippy attitude. I think this would make a decent party CD. 
(Aphid Peewit) RAZORCAKE, Issue #12, Feb/March 2003

A great comp from a great label. GC Records has put some incredible punk into the world, and they've never been afraid of experimental styles. This comp features some of their bands, plus bands from other labels, including a LOT of unreleased tracks. It loses some points for not being mastered particularly well (you'll have to play with your volume from time to time) but earns them back for being $3.00. The high points: Nazis From Mars - Atom and his Package meets Andrew WK meets the Sex Pistols. Nice! Intro5pect - I've been desperately in love with these guys for a while. They have a unique mix of punk, electronica, and oi that must be heard to be believed. "Sustainable Yield," the track on this collection, is very good but doesn't quite do them justice...they've got a killer 7" on GC Records that's cheaper than dirt, and you shall buy it. Backside - NOFX meets Good Riddance back when they were actually good. The Voids - Nifty old school hardcore...I've never heard a chick sing this fast. Libertine - Syracuse punks represent! WOOOO! Microsurgeon - Another band I've been into for a while. Catchy-as-hell fast melodic synth-punk. Buy this thing, dammit. (4 stars) 
(RS) Torpedo Online Magazine, Winter 2002

Everybody has an idea about what is and isn’t punk, but there has always been one sure way to test for authenticity: real punk is never easy to listen to. Instead, it’s a genre that has always demanded something out of an audience, from self-examination to a skeptical perspective toward authority to a willingness to abandon any firm definition of punk rock in the first place. And whether poppy, garage-y, grind-y or arty, the bands on this GC Records compilation are punk rock. You Call This Music?! has the feel of a mix tape made by an enthusiastic punk fan with good taste in energetic and boundary-bending music: most of the bands present a variation on the tool-shed punk ethos (grinding guitars, pounding drums, sandpaper vocals), but several dare to add electronic drums and synthesizers to the mix. Standouts include the always energetic and catchy Toys That Kill, Anaheim garage/pop band the Lipstick Pickups, soundscapers No Content, the neo-new wave of Subincision, and Norwegian power pop band Pornshot. It’s impressive that the wide variety of punk subgenres presented on this disc can be put back to back without the unfocused feel endemic to so many multiband compilations. The bands here are unified by passion and a sense of fun, which holds them together much more tightly than whether or not they play rock punk, garage & roll, or whichever silly descriptor you want to use. For only $3, there’s more than enough good music to justify purchasing this CD. It’s the cheapest re-definition of punk you’re gonna find. 
(Rex Reason) OC Weekly, 11.29.02

If you are one for CD compilations, or looking to hear a bunch of Will-approved bands, check this one out. There’s tracks from plenty of great bands, both active and inactive. Bands like Toys That Kill, Spazz, Operation: Cliff Clavin, four letter words, The Devil Is Electric, Jag Offs and Bikini Bumps make this comp worthwhile. Besides these bands there are about 30 other bands, some of which rock, some of which are pretty good, some of which suck in a big, big way. The art is awesome, done by Fly. If you have 3 bucks and you’re looking to hear some cool bands, you should certainly check this out. Be warned that most of the material from the bands I mentioned is previously released, so this is probably best for those who want to hear new bands. 
(WR) MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL, Issue #235, December 2002

This is the second installment of what I hope becomes a long series. The folks at Geykido Comet seem to have really good taste in music, and, though they never compromise music for politics, they have a knack for picking politically intelligent bands. This particular comp has thirty-five songs on it, and though it does go flat in a couple of places, it’s a good listen all the way through. The music is fairly diverse, and there’s a ton of great songs on here by bands like The Voids, Jack Killed Jill, Pornshot, Spazz, East Arcadia, Toys That Kill, The Devil Is Electric, and so on. Highly recommended. 
(Sean) RAZORCAKE, Issue #11, November/December 2002

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