Various Artists - We're Not Generation X

Various Artists - We're Not Generation X


GC's first CD release. True bedroom label feel. Art by none other than Winston Smith of Dead Kennedys fame. Sounds courtesy of demos sent from bands and artists from all over the world! 
Released May 1999


An interesting eclectic compilation that is really all over the place. From spoken word and experimental noise assaults, to ripping punk and pretentious ego rock, the gamut is run. This is an international comp, but most bands are from the US, a few from Belgium, Sweden, etc. The quality varies, as the liner warn, and you'd best heed that admonition if it matters to you, cuz they're not kidding. The faster punk stuff is decent, but I just think this comp, while the spirit is truly punk rock, could have been thought out a little better. Great cover art by the wonderful Winston Smith makes this almost a must have, though. 
(SB) HITLIST, Vol 2, Issue #2, June/July 2000

29 bands on this comp. Many from different parts of the world. Highlights for me were Free Verse (US) who sounded like 80's new wave punk, hip hop from The Mighty Bloodfang (US) who reminded me of Company Flow, and Charlie Don't Surf (Belgium) who do fast hardcore. There's really all kinds of styles represented here which with this many bands makes it a music sampler more that anything else. 
HEARTATTACK, Issue #24 November 1999

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