Various Artists - This Just In... A Benefit for IndyMedia

Various Artists - This Just In... A Benefit for IndyMedia


Benefit CD for one of the most amazing grassroots non-profit news outlets around who not only offer local news but international coverage all day everyday. - Artwork by BECKY CLOONAN.
Released June 2005


1 Intro 
2 The Tim Version "Pave The Bay" 
3 Toys That Kill "Birds in Catsuits" 
4 Killer Dreamer "Unpredictable" 
5 Clarendon Hills "Hooray Punk Rock Boy" 
6 Four Deadly Questions "Disconnected" 
7 Fleshies "WATCH OUT!" 
8 The Leeches "Rattlesnake Island" 
9 Passporte "Do What is Right..." 
10 This is Revenge "New Mutants" 
11 Geisha Girls "Buckingham" 
12 The Shemps "Adrenaline Junkie" 
13 The Spunks "Roadrunner" 
14 Peelander-Z "O.B.K." 
15 Lipstick Pickups "SLUG" 
16 Broken Society "WTO" 
17 Intro5pect "For Blood, Under God" 
18 Drinker’s Purgatory "Blanchardos Creepos" 
19 Coleko "Fireworks are Fun" 
20 I Farm "Nucleus of the Rot" 
21 Berzerk "This Life is Not the Life I Ordered" 
22 Enemy You "Wasted Years" 
23 East Arcadia "Question Belonging" 
24 ESL "So Lonely" 
25 Bobot Adrenaline "Damn the Machine" 
26 Try Failing "Think You Lied" 
27 Thee Makeout Party "Demolition Demo" 
28 The Frisk "Leech" 
29 Rah Bras "Obdurate Pen" 
30 The Wade Brigade "Where Eagles Dare"


A benefit for IndyMedia, this CD compiles 30 unreleased, rare, or vinyl-only songs from 30 different bands, generally of the punk and hardcore musical persuasion. A radical democratic media outlet, IndyMedia is made up of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. With a main goal of “becoming the media,” IndyMedia strives to empower people to take control of aspects of their lives they had previously left up to “experts” or “professionals.” This CD gave me the chance to listen to new tracks by some of my favorite bands, including The Tim Version, Toys That Kill, Fleshies, Geisha Girls, The Shemps, Peelander-Z, and Lipstick Pickups. But even more exciting, this CD introduced me to awesome bands like Killer Dreams, Clarendon Hills, The Leeches, This Is Revenge, The Spunks, Berzerk, Bobot Adrenaline, and the Wade Brigade. (The Wade Brigade finish off the CD with a wild techno cover of The Misfits’ “Where Eagles Dare.”) You can’t go wrong with this CD; a variety of kick-ass bands rocking together to benefit a great cause. 
(Jennifer Swann) Verbicide Issue 17 Fall 2006

While the more cynical of you may think Indy Media is only good for black clad activists to post photos of each other getting arrested at the latest anti globalization protest it’s actually an amazing grassroots non-profit news outlets offering both local and international news coverage all day long. Like all non-profit news agencies- they are broke as fuck most of the time. Wait. This Just In. An indie rock label in Southern California has put together a 29-song comp to help them out. Good shit! Even better when you consider that 22 of the songs are unreleased. With a heavy slant to punk rock, electronic and indie rock is also represented. Highlights include the Fleshies, yes the FUCKING FLESHIES!, the Tim Version, Lipstick Pickups, Broken Society and Japan’s I Farm. Go get. 
(Tim Scott) -

The people at Geykido Comet (who are some of the best people I’ve ever met) brought together twenty-nine bands (almost all of whom I fully back) to benefit Indy Media (a group whose mission I admire). You really can’t go wrong here. My count is twenty-five out of the twenty-nine coming in at decent or better, which is none too shabby. Added to this is the fact that twenty-two of the tracks are previously unreleased, and the remaining are relatively hard to come by. Strong tracks from Toys That Kill, Killer Dreamer, the Leeches, and This is Revenge. Even bands that I like enough, but haven’t been wowed by, like Lipstick Pickups and Intro5pect, have impressively strong tracks here. Well worth picking up. 
(Megan) Razorcake #28 October/November 2005

This comp is a collection of songs from bands all over the world. IndyMedia is an underground news outlet that distributes news through varous channels that is unlikely to end up on corporate news channels or print. There are a wide variety of bands on this CD, therefore there is something for everyone. My favorites include The Tim Version, The Spunks, Broken Society, ESL, and Clarendon Hills. Worthy of the purchase. 
(TNT) Slug and Lettuce # Summer 2005

29 tracks, just over an hour of music, it costs less than $10, and it's a benefit for a great cause. It's hard to go wrong with that combination. Oh, and most of the tracks are rare or unreleased. The music on THIS JUST IN is indeed a wide ranging mix of styles and tempos, but all of the bands share in the punk rock attitude. It starts off strong (at least for me) with three excellent songs by The Tim Version, Toys that Kill, and Killer Dreamer, then it gets a little bit more experimental with groups like Fleshies and Passporte, and then there is a crazy organ-driven monster rock song by The Leeches. Next, some Japunk bands and a couple of girl groups. Toward the middle it starts to get a little bit harder and more overtly political with tracks from Broken Society, Intro5pect, and Berzerk. Then it starts to wind down with some intelligent pop punk in the form of Bobot Adrenaline and an acoustic spoken-wordish live track from the Frisk and finally closes with some general wierdness from Rah Bras and the Wade Brigade. Whew! Sorry for all of the name dropping, but it seemed like a good way to prove my point about diversity. This is one of those cds that you can pop in the player and it's okay that you don't like every single song because it's all pretty good and every once in a while something great comes on and you have to hunt down the case to find out who it is. 
(Caryn) Pocket Full of Change #2 July 2005

This is a fantastic 30-track benefit compilation for Indy Media, an independent, underground media collective with all the profits going to them (check out The line-up is just fantastic... TOYS THAT KILL, FLESHIES, GEISHA GIRLS, THE SHEMPS, THE SPUNKS, LIPSTICK PICKUPS, I FARM, ENEMY YOU, THE FRISK, BERZERK, INTRO5PECT and the list goes on... very impressive. Not only is this a killer collection of bands and going to a worthy cause but all the songs included are either un-released, rare or vinyl-only so it’s a real treat.... so there’s 3 reasons to get this comp now and just the fact that it’s got so many great bands is enough, or the fact that it supports a radical and free-thinking organisation is a great reason to buy it, or to own tracks that you missed the first time round and to hear brand new music from great bands. Just finish reading this review and check out the Indy Media website then go to the GC website and get this CD. 

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