Various Artists - Six Steps to a Better You

Various Artists - Six Steps to a Better You


An utmost essential guide to a better life: four tracks from six bands who take turns to try and help you and yours!

Zoom from the experimental sounds of Zero Content to the irresistible charm of the Lipstick Pickups. Maneuver past the hilarity of Amsterdam's Nazis From Mars and NYC's Peelander-Z and then take a break with the blunt social commentary of Bobot Adrenaline and herky jerky, rap/garage style-biting of TNAP. Kick back, enjoy listening to and take notes on the six steps to a better you! 
Released September 8, 2003

Holy shit!!!!!!! This is un-fucking-believable. If there was a competition of compilations of the past decade this would win hands down... I think it would win even future decade competitions too, it's that fucking good. 6 bands - NAZIS FROM MARS, PEELANDER-Z, LIPSTICK PICKUPS, BOBOT ADRENALINE, ZERO CONTENT and T(n)AP with 4 tracks each - ALL gold. This really will improve your life. 

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