"UnderStandablyBroken" USB compilation

"UnderStandablyBroken" USB compilation


This 1GB flash drive mixtape is an ultra limited edition collectors item! What with unreleased and rare tracks from great bands, and original artwork by the UK's Riot68! ORDER NOW TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T SELL OUT!

GC Records presents

2010 Limited edition USB Compilation


USB Compilation Contents:

Stoned at Heart – Play Lame Blues (unreleased)
Extras: band bio pdf, live video wmv

Sundowners – Can you help me get my Thai on? (unreleased) 
Extras: band bio pdf, super cool band photo, audio bio mp3

Mall’d to Death – Migraine Belt (unreleased) 
Extras: Band bio pdf, debut album promo video mp4

Gypsy— "Grow" (from limited CD-R and tape) 
Extras: Band bio pdf

Vlad and the Impalers – Career Opportunities (unreleased) 
Extras: Band bio pdf, Career Opportunities live in Vegas video mp4


Some extra videos for viewing pleasure

Two podcasts packed with even MORE music

An EZINE from Italy with worldwide punk flyer designs

An EZINE from Tehran, Iran showcasing subversive Iranian street art


The irony of the death of the physical format is not lost on UnderStandablyBroken, a compilation out now on GC Records. The 1GB flash drive has a nifty broken cassette tape design. It includes unreleased mp3s, videos and materials from Stoned at Heart, Sundowners, Mall’d to Death, Gypsy, and Vlad and the Impalers.

At first I felt like there should have been more music on it. But when you start getting into all the extras is when you begin to realize this is no cd or mere playlist. Additional videos are just the beginning as two podcasts include a ton of more new music. But I have to say...my favorite part of the whole thing is the 'zines. They give you a punk/underground view into life in both Italy and Iran. Meaning to just go through the file structure to get a grasp on it, I found myself a half hour into the 'zines before I realized it. I think I would do it a little different. Hell, I think GC Records would now too. But I think a bold step by this seasoned mom & pop label is quite possibly more important in that it is a new way to think about releases and multimedia files altogether. 
Mackenize Singleton - NationalUnderground.org

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