Shayna Rain - Aiming for the Sun

Shayna Rain - Aiming for the Sun


1. Aiming for the Sun 
2. Hope 
3. I Think I Know I Feel 
4. You'll Never Leave 
5. How Autumn Goes 
6. Number 81 
7. A New Hope 
8. Sink or Swim 
9. You're My Favorite Song 
10. You'll Never Leave (Reprise)


If I had to describe Shayna Rain in the form of emoji, it’d just be a series of a couple dozen heart-eyes. Seriously, listen to her smoky vocals and try not to fall in love. But while Shayna gets top billing, the band carries just as much weight, adding swagger to her ballads and exploring a range of emotions. “I Think I Know I Feel” winds into a bluesy jam session. “Number 81″ sways into indie territory. And the cavalry comes in with a flourish of horns on “How Autumn Goes.” The highlights, for me, remain the dreamy “You’ll Never Leave” and the brilliant reprise. 
-Vegas Seven

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