Prison Break 2438 with cover art by Brian Ewing

Prison Break 2438 with cover art by Brian Ewing


Dystopian Political Thriller.

By the 2400s, the USA has been torn apart by natural disaster, war, and ideology.From of the ashes of the southern and western United States have arisen two new nations: Middlechris and the Kali Union.

In this post-apocalyptic tale, a simple Kali bookstore owner, Franco Leon, discovers that an old friend, Juan Olofson -- the leader of a rebel force called the Tiger’s Paw Army -- has been imprisoned by a ruthless regime known for torture and mutilation.

Franco steps out of the bookstore and into a savage war zone to embark on a journey fraught with peril and uncertainty. With his new Tiger's Paw comrades, Franco ventures into Middlechris in an attempt to rescue Olofson before his execution -- and before Kali falls prey to tyranny.


"At its core, Prison Break 2438 is an action drama. There's intrigue, a little romance, plenty of double-agents, and lots and lots of gunplay throughout. In that regard, the story was a blast and loaded with momentum." 
-RAZORCAKE #67 April/May 2012

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