Pornshot - A-G-O-G-O

Pornshot - A-G-O-G-O

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Beautiful female-fronted sugary fuzz-pop from Norway. Anyone who's heard it, loves it... and it's all sung in English!! Sweet enough to give you a enough to drill it out! 
Released February 2000


1 Blush 
2 Disappointed 
3 The Hole 
4 I Almost Died 
5 Sitting In A Green Chair 
6 Later 
7 My Arm Is Off 
8 Peace And Love 
9 It's Ok 
10 Happy Song 
11 700 Hours


Pornshot is a female fronted punk band. Well, wait, they have parts in songs that aren't really punk. And some times the guys sing back up. But, for the most part it's a female sort of fronted punk band. They're far more talented musically than just a punk band, but they generally stick to the punk style. A great song to show you just how musically talented Pornshot is (and how deep their lyrics can go), check out the procrastinating love song "Later". Other songs that stick out in my little mind are "Disappointed", "I Almost Died", "Peace and Love" and "Happy Song." Now when this CD starts, it does so on a song called "Blush", which is a pretty simplistic kind of styled punk song. It's fairly short, the words rhyme so easily, and it'd be great to pogo to. But, as you get further into the CD, you get further into their musical talent and just what Pornshot is all about. "My Arm Is Off" is actually fronted by male vocals and sounds something like the old Misfits, just to give you an idea how much their song style varies from song to song. Definitely an accomplished band worth checking out. 
NACHO CHEESE & ANARCHY print/online zine

Coming outta Norway, this band takes the Muffs formula and turns it back to their early days, a little more punk than what the Muffs do now, but still with plenty of melody. The guitars are layered to create a nice buzzsaw sound, and the female vocals are pretty snarly for me. The songs where the guy takes the lead vox also work, as the female harmonies play off his really well. There are also a couple of slower songs on here, and although they work too, they don't catch the ear quite as much as the faster paced stuff does. Solid stuff. 
(Steve) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #7, Summer 2000

The Norwegian scene was a lot harder back in the 80s. And whats up with that black metal stuff these days? This is VERY melodic pop-punk with guy/girl vocals that sound more American than Norwegian, largely on account of the fact that they sing in English, without much trace of accents. Its not bad though, sing-along backing harmonies keep things from being too samey, the music punks and rocks OK, and the spirit is there. 
(SB) HITLIST, Vol. 2, #2, June/July 2000

Pornshot is a Norwegian fuzzy pop-punk band. There are parts that remind me of L7, but they are definitely more melodic and mellower. I have to admit, I like it. I am definitely gonna keep it and not sell it the first chance I get. I don't really know how to explain them. They are a well-balanced, well put-together band. They are easy to listen to and the recording is really good for having been done in a garage. I would like to see them live if they ever make it out to the States. I feel I would like a better feel of who the band is and what they are about. 
SKRATCH, Issue #52, June 2000

Not bad melodic and moody punk. The music is pretty straight forward, but done well. The female vocals are sometimes anxious, somtimes pissed, but always fairly catchy. It sounds like they have room to grow, but like I said, this release is enjoyable. 
(BG) MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Issue #205, June 2000

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