Peelander-Z / four letter words - split 7"

Peelander-Z / four letter words - split 7"


Bob Dobbs' unholy disciples play "Duck, Duck, Goose" with crazy Japanese panda punks. 
Released November 2000


1 Four Letter Words - Slums of Shaolin 
2 Four Letter Words - Fuck You 
3 Four Letter Words - Gay Dogs on Fire 
4 Peelander-Z - Sneakers 
5 Peelander-Z - Blue 3 
6 Peelander-Z - Panda Punk


Kick ass new 7" for y'all -- four letter words/Peelander-Z (on GC Records outta So Cal)... (It's) crazed punk from both sides of the Pacific...!!! 
(Excerpt from Jesse -- The Criminals/Blatz/The Frisk -- Luscious' column) HITLIST Vol. 3, Issue #2, September/October 2001

Four Letter Words are one standard fuck-you song and a weird metally Spinal Tap-sounding one that I can't decide whether I love or hate. Peelander-Z sounds like if you put the singer from Rudimentary Peni in a garage band. 
(DP) MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Issue #213, February 2001

"…As for all the singles that jingle, the Four Letter Words are sharing a new zinger of a split 7 incher with a Japanese rock outfit called Peelander Z. I'll be goddammned if that 'Words frontman AJ Apodaca ain't starting to sound more and more like a youthful Tony Cadena of Adolescents fame with each consecutive FLW's release. This new little chunk of vinyl is testament to the fact that these O.C. cretins are just getting better and better as their alcohol intake increases. The Japanese side to this musical Frisbee is just as spastic and the dudes in the band have great names like Antonio Hazuki…and Hengo Swee. This is a fine 15 or 20 minutes of punk music so clean your clock with it at…" 
THRASHER Skate Magazine's NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, Issue #242, March 2001

"Split" cherry-red vinyl 7" Four Letter Words: snotty punkrock belligerence at its most devastating - an audial megaton explosion as fast, furious, and blistering as a million hydrogen bomb detonations! Peelander: sloppy, straight-forward, and mad as hell. Japan's aggravated answer to Fear, Flipper, and the Dicks! Yep, this ballsy 7-inch ear-scorcher had me repeatedly slammin' my head into the wall with gleeful maddog fervor. Damn, I'm dazed! 
(Roger Moser Jr.) RAZORCAKE online, January 2002

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