Jack Killed Jill - Hello Neighbor

Jack Killed Jill - Hello Neighbor

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Female-fronted straight-ahead punk rock band from northern California who probably rocked your town while you were hanging out at the local coffee shop! 
Released November 2001


1 Everyday 
2 Hello Neighbor 
3 You Don't Own Me 
4 Next Stop Dallas 
5 What It's Worth 
6 Squirrel Song 
7 I Should've Known 
8 6th Street Rendevous 
9 Mr. Edwards 
10 It's 3 Am Again


Considering Tilt doesn't make good records anymore I'm glad to be introduced to Jack Killed Jill. Not that they were terribly original either and with bouncing, fun punk that's not really the point. Kicking off with the churning "Everyday" ya know you're for some sing-a-long fun as the "whoa's" start immediately laying down a smooth entrance for Revik Delfin's gruff yet sweet vocals. While most of the time she sings like a pissed American girl sometimes she slips into a pissed sounding bird like on "What It's Worth." Luckily the band is tight and the songs are infectious enough you can let her slide. Hell, Keanu Reeves couldn't keep his accent straight in Dracula and made a fortune. A tasty cover of Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" sure doesn't hurt it either. Speaking of tasty, Revik is now my new San Francisco "treat." 
(Josh R. Perry) Zero Magazine

Why isn't this Frisco band as big as bands like One May Army or Tilt? Revik has one of the strongest female voices around, and the band has been consistently churning out quality catchy punk rock for a decade. This release is no exception, and includes a revved-up cover of "You Don’t Own Me" – last heard on Joan Jett’s first solo record in 1979. Check out one of the S.F. Bay Area’s best-kept secrets. 
(Jesse Luscious) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #15, April 2003

JKJ ferociously roar like a musically-inclined lion whose butt's just been pierced by a rocket-fuelled nuclear warhead. The bouncy, toe-curling songs furiously rock with all-out high-octane energy, yet possess a certain wild'n'giddy poppy edge to 'em that's endearing, entertaining, addictive, and attention-absorbing. The snotty growling she-monster vocals pack one helluva caustically cutting wallop that knocked my dick in the dirt faster than a flea shits, and the full-force raging instrumentation has "Punk Rock Approved and Affiliated" heartily stamped all over it. I've enthusiastically listened to this sonically sumptuous CD the entire evening, and all I wanna do now is loudly blast it a few more hours while relentlessly boomeranging my tattered'n'torn old body throughout the house in an inebriated tribute to the rip-roarin' musical splendor of Jack Killed Jill. They are indeed the ultimate in bad-ass tune-thrashers! 
(Roger Moser, Jr.) RAZORCAKE, Issue #7, April/May 2002

I'm actually surprised Jack Killed Jill… isn't on Fat Wreck Chords or even Cheetah's Records as they sound an awful lot like Tilt. I saw them open for Dee Dee Ramone once, or it might have been Dilinger 4 - either way, they're a good live band; well versed in the Ramones' school of rhythm. Unfortunately, their sound is formulaic in a mid-90's Fat manner. I'd be interested to hear Revik Delfin's voice if she wasn't so overtly trying to reach a Cinder Block like growl. However, I can't deny Jack Killed Jill… are catchy as hell and I honestly can't stop my feet from tapping. 
(GS) PUNK PLANET, Issue #48, March/April 2002

Fast paced American punk rock with female vocals. If you like X and the Gits, as opposed to Le Tigre and Bratmobile, then this is for you. 
(AD) MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL, Issue #225, February 2002

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