Intro5pect - Education 7"

Intro5pect - Education 7"


GC's first 7" release. Imagine '77 punk mixed with modern-day electronica. 
Released January 1999


1 Education 


Mixture of drum machine and punk on the title track that sounds like what Atari Teenage Riot should have sounded like. B-side is titled "RKN.RLL" but sounds like a working class pub song. The funny thing is I'm pretty sure that this band (or person) is from California and sings with an English accent. Go figure. 
(Donofthedead) FLIPSIDE, Summer 2000

Drum machine punk. At first I thought it was going to be a Digital Hardcore rip-off band, then I thought of Carter USM, but I'll say it's anthematic punk rock done with a drum machine and an occasional catchy keyboard lick. The first song has crazier programming with simple guitar riffs and a keyboard break that sounds like something for an Atom and His Package song. Song 2 is more stripped down and it sounds like it might be a cover song, but if it is, they don't mention it. (GC Records note: It's not a cover song at all. It's Intro5pect all the way!) The singer sounds like he has a British accent,but I think it's a put-on because the band is from California. This makes me want to get my MIDI studio up and running again. Keep up the good work and original sounds. 
HEARTATTACK, Issue #24, November 1999

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