Four Deadly Questions s/t 7"

Four Deadly Questions s/t 7"


Brooklyn, New York's very own Four Deadly Questions bust onto the scene with an explosive debut! Pick up a copy today to see what the hype is all about! Featuring ex-members of Dick Army and Books Lie. Opaque white vinyl!! 
Released July 2004


1 Oral Fixation 
2 Plan B 
3 Gotta Let It Go 
4 Those Creeping Doubts 

Raw, chaotic and distorted garage punk that kinda reminds me of a Rip Off band. Serious bass sculpting the structure of the songs with blasts of distorted guitar ringing out over the’s crude and frenzied and muddy in a great way- there‘s an almost BUTTHOLE SURFERS feel to it sometimes blended with the SKUDZ. I dig this a lot, all 4 tracks rule. Great white vinyl and great cover art too. 

I can't say enough good things about Dick Army. Yeah, maybe they were just a cheap, goofy Black Flag knockoff, but damnit, thay had that underdog charm and you've just gotta love that. Matt from Dick Army started this band, and to say that I was looking forward to it would be a huge understatement. It lived up to my expectations. Where Dick Army mostly played simple, sloppy three-chord punk, FOUR DEADLY QUESTIONS sound a lot more original and hard-to-pin-down. It's still fun and scrappy, to be sure, and it's not like they turned into Hawkwind or anything, but the choppy rhythms and female backups make this stand out a whole lot. Me likey. 
(Josh) Razorcake Issue #22, October/November 2004

The songs on the A-side have a raucous yet melodic punk tinge, sort of like early Jawbreaker mixed with Against Me! The first song on the B-side, "Gotta Let it Go," however, rocks with more of a bootylicious swagger, and the boy-girl interplay is evocative of Cupid Car Club. "These Creeping Doubts" round off the fun in the style of the A-side tunes. I believe this is the first release from these Brooklynites and it hints at a bright future. 
(AM) MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Issue #257, October 2004

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