ESL?! - Horseshoes and Handgrenades

ESL?! - Horseshoes and Handgrenades

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ESL was a melting pot of art, politics, hardcore, pop, and so many plays of the old Grimple and Sicko records it was too many to count. You will bob your head in amazment and you will nod your head with understanding. Produced by Dave Small of Intro5pect. 
Released November 2001


1 What You Say 
2 Red 4 You 
3 Witness To A Parade 
4 He's Gone 
5 Bellevue Mental Hospital 
6 Summer '98 
7 Carbon Copies 
8 Horsebreath 
9 Working Class 2 Step 
10 This Time Around 
11 In Itself- Not Enough 
12 Empty 
13 A Little Message 
14 Evan Stewart 
15 Albatross on a Chain 
16 Song For Social Change 
17 Land of the Free 
18 Huffalump & Woosle 
19 Sumpin' Bout Shamus 
20 Move On Now 
21 My Song


Fast, mad punk rock about society’s ills and personal problems. The sample from “Willy Wonka” is both appropriate and touching. These songs are very emotional, but the term emo does not apply. Most emo seems forced, full of hand wringing and crocodile tears. The regret, rage, desperation and desire on these tracks is 100% sincere, and therefore incredibly powerful. Damn good stuff. 
(Mark) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #15, April 2003

This album reminds me what I like about punk rock. Musically, it’s not that great; the “whoa-oh-oh” vocals are often flat, and this style of 1-2-3-4 pop-punk is tired with a capital T. But this trio is so fervent in revealing their political and personal turmoil that it’s hard not to admire their moxie. 
(AT), PUNK PLANET, Issue #54, March/April 2003

This is some sloppy and kind of simple punk rock that reminds me of RKL, except RKL's silly lyrics have been replaced here by serious inteligent commentary on society and politics. The combination of the sloppy music and tight lyrics separates this album from most of the generic punk that comes out these days. If you like bands like the Thumbs or Pinhead Circus, you'd probably like this album. 
(Sean) RAZORCAKE, Issue #10, September 2002

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