Enemy You - Video to Radio 7"

Enemy You - Video to Radio 7"


This was Enemy You’s last 7″ and it is now being repressed on Coke Bottle colored vinyl. The EP contains a cover of the theme song from a cartoon of the 80s, “Kidd Video,” as well as a few obscure covers and two original gems.

The repress of this out-of-print 7″ is being done in order to raise money for Suicide Prevention Lifeline in memory of Enemy You singer David Jones who took his own life in March of 2015. 


1 Video To Radio 
2 Hot Dogs Till You Die 
3 Dead 
4 The Cut 
5 Sleep


This reminds me a bit of early SCREECHING WEASEL but only slightly- it’s got that kind of melodic aggression and it’s edgy in the same way. I totally dig this, it’s got the sound right there, the perfect balance for me. The band name, the cover art, the title... they got it perfect. The clear, green vinyl rocks too. 

San Fran's Enemy You has already received great exposure through various tracks on comps for Lookout and Fat Wreck. And it's deserved. They play very solid power punk that has enough pop to get you addicted. The melodies are awesome and the uptempo beat really keeps you moving. The clear green vinyl is an added bonus. 
(CM) IMPACT PRESS, August/September 2003

I first came across this band on the Panic Button "Four on the Floor" comp, where Enemy You shared the disc with Screeching Weasel, Moral Crux, and the Teen Idols (each band contributing four songs). Right away, they were a guilty pleasure for me. I say guilty because they don’t really break any new ground in the arena of pop punk. Still, they held their own with heavy hitters like Screeching Weasel and Moral Crux, and I figure that’s justification enough for me to keep listening. They released a full-length on Panic Button, also, but I like the snippets of Enemy You better than a whole album. A 7” is just right. This one has five songs, three of which are covers. The covers (all songs I’ve never heard of before) are silly. “Video to Radio” is the best of the three. It adds a little bit of early eighties, Wall of Voodoo-style pop to the punk. “Hot Dogs Till You Die” is so stupid it’s awesome. Side B has two original Enemy You songs, which are both pretty good. And, like I said, this is the best way to hear this band: five fun songs and on to the next record. 
(Sean) RAZORCAKE, Issue #15, August/September 2003

Heavier pop-punk with some good vocals and instrumentation make this a good release. Hailing from SF, Enemy You is made up of brothers Ken and Joe, and “no-relation” Chris and David. In this release they put together 3 cover songs originally done by artists like Milktoast and Paul Croce...what a variety, huh? I haven't heard the originals, but these sound pretty good. The other side of the record has 2 original tracks, which in my opinion, are the best of the album. If they keep putting out tracks like “The Cut” and “Sleep” they have a good future ahead of them. the good: not a huge fan of the “punk”, but these guys put out a solid 7 ” -- the bad: can't think of anything -- the ugly: nuthin' ugly here --potty-mouth tracks: SideA: 2 & 3; Side B: none detected RATINGS: (note: rating numbers are out of 10 and following each track description) Side A: 1.Video to Radio: real short, real punk, real quirky (7) 2.Hot Dogs 'till You Die: due to the title alone yous hould play this; BE WARNED...there's swearing, so, follow along with the lyrics in the back (7) 3.Dead: a Jim Croce cover...well done; swears in one part...once again...FOLLOW along with the lyrics on the back Side B: 1.The Cut: good track; shows what they're capable of; quite punk-rockish (8) 2.Sleep: another good track; my fave of the record (9) 
(rE/dox+LadyDev) Zookeeper Online, March 2003

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