East Arcadia s/t 7"

East Arcadia s/t 7"

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From deep within the heartlands of Amerikkka, it's melodic hardcore punk that will amaze, delight and enlighten. First 300 copies on limited-edition clear green vinyl. 
Released July 2001


1 New Face of Expression 
2 Epidemic 
3 Music Industry 
4 Question Belonging


Fast sing along pop punk that's more aggressive than most you come across. Given that small point, this fairly stinks of sameness. The Track "Music Industry" has good drive and more originality going for it. The other three could be on a soundtrack to a low budget snowboarding video. I'll pass. 
(BG) MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Issue #221, October 2001

I'm guessing that "the kids" still have room in their hearts for melodic hardcore. East Arcadia sound a whole lot like Good Riddance, so if you like them you'll probably like this. I've long since given up on this stuff, but if you're still down with it, go for it bro! 
(MC) HITLIST , Vol. 3, Issue #3, November/December 2001

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