Buck - “Former Child Actor” b/w “Only Friends”

Buck - “Former Child Actor” b/w “Only Friends”


Definite collector's item!! This new 45 features the last two remaining unreleased tracks from this short-lived, but highly-acclaimed LA band. Both tracks were produced by Jeff McDonald of Redd Kross fame and feature Charlotte Caffey from The Go-Go's on backup vocals. This EP is simply irresistible! 
Released January 2005


1 Former Child Actor 
2 Only Friends


Fantastic pop-punk ala FUR or COGS with a great old-fashioned feel to it. I love this because it’s so well-written and amiable and just so honest and I really wanna hear a full-length by them. The B-side ‘Only Friends’ has a terrific NICO / LOU REED touch to it with subtle melodies dripped over beautiful pop. 2 great tracks and the record has big hole...I recommend this- this rules. 

Lisa Marr has such a clear, powerful, and distinct voice. Buck was like the world's biggest Jolly Rancher--sweet, good tasting, and worth savoring. Satisfying pop with a real knack for power and force. The B-side, "Only Friends," is a mellow ditty about a relationship that really showcases how diverse Buck's range could be. The bad news is that these two tracks are the last Buck ever recorded. These two little gems are like finding two quarters in a pocket after laundry; shiny and you found 'em when you weren't expecting anything. 
(Todd) RAZORCAKE, Issue #24, February/March 2005

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