Amish Electric Chair - Straight. No Chaser.

Amish Electric Chair - Straight. No Chaser.


Amish Electric Chair has spent the past couple years heavily touring and fine tuning the sound that is. The sound is a mix between the types of bands that frequent No Idea and AF Records line ups.

Amish Electric Chair is an unstoppable force of solid, rhythmic punk rock with high energy sing-along vocals, lightning fast drums, memorable lyrics and bass lines that weave in and out of the steady guitar riffs.

The band’s previous release was their self-released sold-out full length, and now they are ready to unleash this new EP entitled “Straight No Chaser” straight to your ears!! 
Released September 2009


"...Straight. No Chaser provides an excellent sampling of what Amish Electric Chair has to offer, and hopefully a preview of what’s to come from this Ohio trio."

"...Put these guys on your radar - if this EP is a sign for what’s to come, this band is one you’re going to want to watch out for".

" Amish Electric Chair’s newest album “Straight No Chaser” is packed with awesome vocals that combine a cool singing/yelling approach, with guitar, bass and drum playing that stays true to the punk sound but never becomes dull." 
Rating: 4/5

"Amish Electric Chair is exactly the kind of band I like to promote. They do everything themselves and they do it with pride..."

"...they’ve got the right business chops to go along with the musical chops. If you like attitudinal DIY punk, then strap yourself into the Amish Electric Chair..."

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