The gracious bands involved and the songs they've submitted for the comp!:

(Vlad and) The Impalers
"Army Now (Live)" Unreleased

Holding Onto Sound
"Song for the Earth (Ben Kirsten mix)" unreleased

Greg Ginn
"Trip Vine"

Jack Killed Jill
"Maybe In Time"

Be My Doppelganger
"I Need a Ride" Unreleased

The Copyrights
"Immovable Object" Unreleased

Yesterday’s Ring
"Punx Not Dead, its Just Sleeping"

"Sustainable Yield (Live)" Unreleased

The Dopamines
"Navigation Point (Acoustic)" rare

Hit the Switch
"Galactic Alchemy"

Anchor Down
"Crass A Nova"

Planet Trash
"I´m Warning You" unreleased

"More Perfect Truth" unreleased















































Friday Knights
"Message In A Bottle"

Nothing With Numbers
"Karate Jesus" Unreleased

The Hotcakes
"Tounge Tied"

Bent Left
"Application For Federal Assistance"

Mall'd To Death
"Blood For Gas Money" Unreleased

"Our Hollow Reasons"

The Startover
"13 ways to be Better Than You"

"2 Cars"

Fiction Reform
"Small Silhouette"

Stupid Flanders
"All Grown Up" Unreleased

"Walking Dead" Unreleased

Kill The Scientist
"Computer (Malfunction?)"

East Arcadia
"Inner Anthem (Ultrasuede demo)" unreleased

Last Great Hope
"Your Black Heart" unreleased