In 2005, the first PROTECT benefit compilation was organized jointly
by Scissor Press and Fat Wreck Chords (and released by Fat Wreck and Punkvoter), featuring bands such as NOFX, Coalesce, Jawbreaker, and many more who donated rare and unreleased tracks to the cause.Now, in 2009, Scissor Press is teaming up with GC Records and to produce another CD.

Protect is a very aggressive, nonpartisan, non-religious political action committee (PAC) dedicated solely to one missive: building a powerful force for the protection of children from abuse, exploitation and neglect. Protect has a record of success in Washington – they have helped to pass the Protect Our Children Act (2008), the California Circle of Trust Bill (2008), and the closing of New York state’s “incest loophole” (2006). We urge you to visit to learn more and to consider joining.

ABOUT GC Records
Geykido Comet Records (or GC Records for short) began as a small and humble bedroom operation in 1998 seeing the first release in January 1999: Intro5pect 7-inch EP "Education". Since then Geykido Comet Records has released an entire catalog of CDs, vinyl and books and is still being run by the husband-and-wife duo Shahab Zargari and Heela Naqshband.

ABOUT Scissor press
Scissor Press is a media company that was formed in 2000. It is operated by Jackson Ellis and Nathaniel Pollard. Scissor Press is best known for publishing Verbicide Magazine.